One Day At A Time? Imagining post Covid life.

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, imagining the future seemed downright scary, if not impossible.

The undeniable uncertainty of the virus, along with the chaotic state of our society, seemed to demand we move toward the One Day At At Time, philosophy.

Planners and long-range thinkers surrendered. Those who had always tended to lived within the NOW, were more prepared to ride the anxious wave of uncertainty. 

Imagining a future safe hug from a distant loved one,

or a trip abroad,

or the sweet kiss of a grandchild,

was about as much forward thinking as many of us could handle.

Enough hope to light our way.

But thanks to a medical miracle, the world began opening up, albeit amidst continued divide and tragedy. 

A new kind of normal in which to navigate.

Some of us began to hope. To plan. To move forward.  To imagine a post COVID future.

Are you making travel plans? Saving for retirement? Revisiting your New Year’s goals? Starting a creative project? Moving?  Switching careers? Filing for divorce?

As we sort through the wreckage, many of us are re-evaluating our pre-pandemic life. Now seems like a ripe time for life renovation, no matter the losses. Even small repairs can reap enormous benefits. 

The uncertainty has always been there, just easier for us to deny. Worrying about the future isn’t helpful but planning, even if it’s just day-by-day, can get you there eventually.

This is how I feel about my novel-in-progress. I’m getting closer each day. But if I think too far ahead, I begin to imagine all the potential obstacles, the chance for failure.

I choke.

To temper the overwhelm that comes from looking too far forward, I recall E. L. Doctorow’s quote:

Pretty good life advice for us all at the present moment.

Author: EvelynKrieger

I'm a people watcher and word crafter, author of fiction and essays. I also blog on living the creative life during hard times. When not writing, I work as a private educational consultant. Special interests: dance, the moon, astronauts, beaches, poetry, staying alive.

4 thoughts on “One Day At A Time? Imagining post Covid life.”

  1. Oddly, I hadn’t considered that our outlook on life would change from long range to immediate. That’s frightening. I’ve never lived that way. I need to think on this. Thank you, Evelyn.


    1. This is fascinating to hear, Jacqui, considering the unknowns beginning March 2020. We teachers, though, tend to be born planners, so maybe it makes sense that you’d never considered the outlook. It isn’t so much as forward thinking vs. now, but avoiding excessive worry, attempts at controlling the future, and putting all your eggs in the tomorrow basket.

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  2. It’s been a difficult year, indeed, Evelyn. I put my third book on hold while I work on self-publishing my second novel. I’m planning ahead, but take one day at a time. I wish you success in reaching the finishing line with your novel-in-progress 🙂


    1. Thanks for the good cheer, Rosaliene. Third novel sounds pretty good to me! I’ve learned to plan ahead bu expect change. All the cancellations and upended plans have made me more adaptive.


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