Let There Be Light: 10 Ways Beat the Winter Blues.

In a previous life, perhaps I was a plant or a cat.


I crave sunlight the way I imagine one might crave a drug. I need my daily fix. I plan my schedule and location around it. I feel sorry for people who have to work in a windowless office or worse—under fluorescent lights that make my head throb. I’m suspicious of people who keep their shades down on a sunny day. 

Summer is my most creative and happy time. I love warm nights, wearing sundresses, eating outdoors, and walking on the beach. But one can’t live for 3 months of the year. 

Did I mention I live in New England?


My natural high energy state begins to dwindle in November when the clocks change to daylight savings.Most people experience an energy slump during the cold, dark days of winter. Some, like me, have an extreme version known as SAD-seasonal affective disorder which brings on a  gloomy sluggishness. I can sum up my state-of-being with two equations:

 Cold + Gray = low energy and depressed mood. 

 Dark + Cold = hibernation mode..

 Where ever you fall on the winter blues spectrum, here are 10 coping strategies to try.

l. Catch the rays

Try to catch the early sunlight through a walk or window. This helps to wake your brain, regulate biorhythms and lift your mood. Right now, as I write this post, I’m in my favorite indoor sunny spot. Even when life takes a hard turn, I always feel a little better when sitting near a sunny window. I call this winter sunbathing. So open your shades!   


2. Light Therapy

My doctor wrote me a prescription for a light therapy box. You can buy them online. I use one from Verilux. These are not sunlamps that emit UV.  These type of light boxes mimic outdoor light. I read or eat in front of mine for 20-30 minutes in the morning.  It causes a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases other symptoms of SAD. It can help your body clock synchronize with the day. This response comes from the light going through your retina, not your skin.  Some people use a dawn simulator lamp to help the get out of bed on dark mornings. 


3. Sunny Images

My brain relaxes when it sees pictures of flower gardens, tropical paradises, and ocean beaches. I keep photos of happy summer memories on display. Try setting your screensaver to your favorite sunny scene. Listening to ocean wave sounds can induce a relaxed state, as well. Every little bit helps.


4. Fly South   

I’m lucky to have family I can visit in Florida.  Soaking up the sun and vitamin D for a week does gives me an incredible boost with lasting effects.  I haven’t been able to convince my doc to write me an Rx for this, though.


5. Keep Warm. 

There is a Swedish saying, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”  Even though I grew up in Michigan, I realized as an adult that I knew little about how to properly dress for winter.  So I Invested in a really warm coat, leggings, sweaters, gloves, and boots. This helped increased my cold tolerance. I hate shivering.

6. Exercise 

No surprise that gym memberships peak in the winter. The cold days make you want to move less and eat more. My salvation is dance and working out at the gym. Consistent exercise anytime of the year has been shown to ease depression. And exercising in bright daylight may intensify the effect. 

 7. Get Outside

Okay, I’ll admit that this one is really tough for me to carry out. Fresh air is good for you. Even in the cold. Still, my friends know not to ask me to go walking on a grey day below 40 degrees. I should go, but I won’t. On these type of days, errands get put off and the gym seems too far a destination. My body tells me I must feed it chocolate. Give me a sunny winter morning, though, and I might just venture outdoors for that good-for-you-walk.

8. Mood Music

Upbeat and cheerful music lift my spirits and gets me moving when the couch is calling. Make a  Winter Blues Crusher playlist. Some of my happy favorite tunes are:  Glad You Came (The Fighters), Feel Again (One Republic), Come to Me (Goo Goo Dolls), and Home (Phillip Phillips).

9. Winter Sports

 I was an avid ice skater as a teenager.  Now, I admit the sport holds less appeal. I’ll go if my daughter drags me along. Still, if you can find a winter sport you love, like skiing or snowshoeing,  you’ll enjoy the winter that much more. (Just don’t ask me to join you.  I’ll be indoors by the fire.)


10. Surrender 

 “For everything there is a season.”  Wise words. Sometimes you just have to work on acceptance.  If winter is a hard time for you, figure out what can make it better.  Be kind to yourself. A Stanford University researcher who studied the residents of northern Norway, found that an attitude shift, or change in mindset, helped people feel happier during the long dark winter. This fascinating study got me thinking. Maybe this winter I will try to embrace the season, rather than endure it.

Want to join me?

So Get cozy. Build a fire. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Make a snowman with your kids.

Wishing you a happ(ier) winter!

Chaya snow angel 12-13.jpg

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  1. Hi Evelyn, This was a wonderful post! Many thanks for sending. I find outdoor exercise to be the most effective way to ward off that chilled-through tense-in-the-shoulders feeling I get in winter. And one more small thing–to adjust to the shock of going outside, I find just taking a couple of deep breaths of cold air right away (instead of breathing shallowly to avoid it, as is my instinct) signals my body to adjust. I feel the little hairs rising on my skin as my body gets the message to “deal with it” and immediately I feel a bit less miserable. Asthmatics, however, might find this technique problematic. Nevertheless, the first warm sunny day of April finds me out on the doorstep sunning like a lizard. Good luck weathering the weather,Joyce

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    • Thanks, Joyce. Your tip comes at at just the right time. Yesterday I forced myself to go for a way (since it was sunny) but found the shock of the cold torturous. Trying to change my mindset on this one, but I’m going to try out your idea. Thanks!


  2. Light lies within us…we just have to keep it alight and those are wonderful tips dear friend. Winter is a nice weather to stay indoors, keep warm, eat favorite things and read books or just connect and have fun with all those we love! Just a matter of perspective 🙂
    Wishing you a warm and sunny winter and A happy 2017!

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  3. Having lived in Sound Beach on Long Island for two years, a few years back, I know exactly what you’re talking about. We were just discussing the dwindling sunlight last night. Your first picture of the snow is beautiful though! I miss seeing that here in San Francisco. We still shuttle the kids out to the mountains east of here a few times a winter to camp in the snow just to get the feel for it. Our low sunlight patch here has been to get out of the house as much as possible, even in the rain. I think it helps to extend my focus to the horizon instead of the wall ten feet away. The kids also seem to unwind outside, even if it’s fairly wet and cold. Thanks for the tips, and the pretty pictures!


  4. Your first photo caught me because I love cats! But this was a good post, and I can definitely relate. I live in the South now, and am planning a move to Florida (by the sea!) hopefully this year, but I grew up in New England and remember the snow and dark winter days.

    As a writer, I work at home most of the time, and I’m always near a window. Like you, I need the light and the view of the outdoors. It’s been a long time since I was stuck working in a cubicle, and I don’t think I’d handle it very well.


    • My cat keeps me company, Lisa. I just returned from a trip to Florida and asked myself why I still live in New England. However, there are many things I like about it–beautiful summers, fall, history, culture. Also, I’ve made my life here. So, I have to figure out a way to spend winters in FL, perhaps. I wish you the best on your new move. Lucky you! Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Nice points! I live in New Zealand, right now it’s meant to be summer, but we’re getting bouts of cold weather. I’m not looking forward to when winter hits here. I’m soaking up every last bout of sunshine I can get down here 🙂


    • Hi Angela. Thanks for stopping by. I have never been to New Zealand or its vicinity. I just checked out your photographs and they are truly beautiful. While I am not a good flyer, and fear very long trips, your photos tempt me to visit some day. Fortunately, even at 28 degrees and a snow covered ground, Boston is sunny and bright today.

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      • Fifteen minutes on a plane for me and I’m clawing the passenger beside me. LOL

        I’m not so much afraid of flying and crashing as much as I am claustrophobic so, once that tin can with a few hundred people rammed into it like sardines, hits that sky, I realize that I can’t say, “pull over…let me out” and I’m done for however long the plane ride is. I highly doubt that I will ever see Australia or New Zealand because of it but, I’d love to go. The moment that they invent knock-out pills for that many hours, I might consider it. lol


  6. I am in Canada so I am very much like you in terms of S.A.D.. My husband bought me a S.A.D. lamp for Christmas last year and I must say that it does help. I also listen to music though Aerosmith tends to call to me more lately than anything else. I have no clue why except Steven Tyler seems to give me a lift in believing what we can all still look young and get away with outlandish styling if we do it correctly. lol

    I would love to have some place to go that’s warm and sunny during the Winter months but alas, I have no family living down there. I may have to sell my home, buy a condo up here for the Summer months and one down in Florida for the Winter months. I love Florida and have a few friends who live down there. Their Facebook photos all Winter make me want to scream but, that’s besides the point. I hope to join you one day in being able to live somewhere sunny and warm all winter.

    Great piece that covers a lot of ideas on how to get through the doldrums of Winter.


    • Thank you, kindred spirit. The New England falls are beautiful. I’ve enjoyed unusually sunny warm days and evenings the past week. I try not to think about 2 months from now. Hope you can get yourself to Florida. I highly recommend a visit to Sanibel Island, if you’re looking for quiet, too.

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